Archimedes Business Software

Archimedes Business Software is a complete business solution that helps you to streamline your business, be more productive and increase your profit margins.It helps you track all your projects and their related time, tasks and expenses.
It automates workflow and increases productivity. New users enjoy its easy use. Business owners appreciate its power and functions because it clearly focuses on the needs of businesses and users.

Archimedes Business Software is gaining fast popularity as an "accounting and finance system of choice" for companies across the world. The reason being very simple, it delivers a real competitive edge which has made it an unique accounting system meeting more business requirements than any other software.

There are two variants of Archimedes Business Software:

  • Archimedes Business Software Small Business
  • Archimedes Business Software Enterprises SQL

Listed below are the features of Archimedes Business Software.

  • Company Creation/Alteration
  • Stock Management
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Cross checking of any amount before any transactions
  • Supplier and customer database maintenance
  • Invoicing
  • Global search
  • Data Migration
  • Backup/Restore Database
  • Network Support
  • Department wise user security
  • Role based user authentication

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