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This section provides information about filling up of bank account.
Help > Cash Book > Add Bank Account

Press Alt + A to select the Action Button Or Click Action Button. On the Action button, click New or press Ctrl + N. The Add Bank Account dialog box appears.

Enter the name of the Bank Account, then click OK or Press Enter, Alt + K.

Bank Account Enter description about the bank
OK Click Ok or Press Enter, Alt + K to enter the detail about the bank
Cancel Click Cancel or CTRL+F4,ESC to cancel

In the boxes provided on the General tab, enter the account details. Then click on Add Bank A/c Button or Ctrl + N to add Bank A/c Details 4.
Description Enter description about the bank
Account No Enter account number
Address Enter the address of the bank
Post Code Enter the postal code
Contact person Enter the contact person
Designation; Enter the designations
Overdraft Limit; Enter the OverDraftlimit
Telephone Enter the telephone No.
Fascsimile Enter the Fax No.


Memo Click on this memo tab & insert more details about the bank
List Click on the list tab to see all the bank detail


Add Bank A/c Click on Add Bank A/c Button to add Bank A/c Details
Close Click Close or ESC, Ctrl+F4