Archimedes Business Software

This section provides information about how to add a new customer.
Help >Sales > Add New Customer
  • Press Alt + A to select the Action or click Processing.
  • Click on Action button and select add new or press Ctrl +N to add new customer.
  • New form will appear for user to fill all the detail about the user.

Customer ID It is autogenerated no., unique for every customer
Company Name Enter The name of the company
Account No. Enter the account No.
Supplier Name Enter the supplier name
Address Enter the address of the supplier
City Enter the city name
State Enter the state name
Zip Enter the zip code
Country Enter the name of the country
Phone No. Enter the phone No.
Phone No. 2 Enter the phone No. 2
Credit Limit Enter the credit limit
Customer Type Select the type of customer. Is he from customer type like corporate, private, etc
Registered Date When the customer is registered, enter the date
Terms Enter the term like No. of days for which the customer is giving credit
Turnover Show the turnover of the particular customer
Balance How much money is to be received from the customer or paid by the customer
Then finally click Save to save the details in the database.