Archimedes Business Software

This section provides information about filling up of post receipt form.
Help >Sales > Post Reciept

Click on the item code on the grid, the respective field on the forms are filled.

In the Posting Type Posting type will be shown by default
Payment Mode Select the payment mode, either cash, cheque, draft or banker's cheque
Bank Name If the payment mode is by cheque or draft then select the bank name
Currencies Select the currencies from the currencies drop down
Date Select the date from the calendar
Cheque or Draft Number Enter the draft or cheque number
Amount Paid Enter payment amount

Full Payment Select full payment, if customer wants to make full payment by cash or by cheque
Part Payment For part payment select PART PAYMENT option
Down Payment If customer wants to make part payment, then enter the down payment transaction

  • Select Full Payment option to make full payment by cash or by cheque.
  • For part payment select Part Payment option.

  • Select payment mode from drop down menu of payment mode.
  • If the customer is making cheque or DD payment then select the bank name from bank account list and also enter cheque's number in the textbox provided.
  • And to finalize the payment click on OK button.

  • If the customer wants to make part payement then select part payment.
  • Enter the down payment (initial payment) transaction value in down payment textbox.
  • Click on OK button or Press Enter, Alt + K to finalize the payment.
  • Credit sales form will appear in front of you.

In The Posting Type Posting type will shown by default
Currencies Select The Currencies from the Currencies drop down.
Date Select The date from the calendar
Amount Paid Enter payment value in Amount Paid

  • To make credit sale,select the last or deadline payement date from pay point.
  • After the pay point if the payment is not made then that customer's transaction will be considered as bad debt.
  • Customer's credit limit is also checked. If the customer want to make more credit sale then his credit limit, then a message appear automatically

After finalizing the payment a form will appear in front of the user to release the stock and to check the items status in stock also.