Archimedes Business Software

This section provides information about sales order.
Help >Sales > Sale Order

To display sales order form

  • Click on Action button or press Alt +A.
  • Select Process.
  • Sales order Window Appears.

Bill And Delivered To Select customer's name from drop down menu
Select Product Select the product from the list. Drop down menu will show the all products exist in the stock with their quantity and other details
Quantity Enter Quantity in the quantity field, how much customer ordered.
Discount Enter discount value and profit margin as per the Item selected from drop down menu
Available Quantity Will show available quantity in the stock
Sell Price Enter selling price of the selected item per quantity/ Pieces
Profit Margin Enter The Profit Margin of the quantity
ADD Click to add the selected item into bucket
Order Date Ordered Date
Ship Date Select shipping date from date menu on which date delivery will be made
Sales Person Select the name of sales person who made the sale
Grand total It shows the total transaction value. How much customer has to pay
Action Click on Action button to finalize the sales order
Receipt Click receipt if customer wants to pay cash, by cheque or part payment
Credit Click Credit if customer wants to pay later
Close Close the sales order form
Cancel Order It will be shown just after adding items in form. Click to cancel the order

Click on ACTION to make cash payment, cheque payment or to make credit sales. Select Receipt or Press Ctrl + C to make cash or cheque payment or click on credit or press Ctrl +R to make credit sale.