Archimedes Business Software

This section provides the information about the opening stock.

Help > Stock > Opening Stock
  • Enter All the Stock Information in the Opening Stock.
  • Press Alt + A to Select the Action or Click Action Button to Select the Opening Stock or Press F1.

Purchase Order Enter The Purchase order no to receive the stock
Invoice NO. Enter the invoice NO.
Item class Select item Class From Item class list
Supply Code Select Supply Code from Item category list
Sales Code Select sales Code from Sales Code list
Weight Enter the Weight
Volume Enter the Volume
Manufacturing Date Enter the manufacturing date
Expiry Date Enter the Expiry Date
Stocking Date Enter The Stocking date
Quantity Enter the Quantity
Warehouse code; Enter the warehouse code
Supplier Price Enter the Supplier Price
EC VAT; Show the Amount of ECVAT
NET AMOUNT Enter the Net Amount

ADD Click Add Button to add individual details of Purchase order
Remove Click Remove Button if wrong entry found
Insert Stock Click Insert to insert the item in Stock on the whole
Cancel Click Cancel to close.