Archimedes Business Software

This section provides the information regarding the sending of the requistion.
Help >Stock > Requistion Send

Click on Action Button - select Requisition menu, select the sub menu, Click on Send or Press Shift+F1
Date Field In the Date Field select the date on which the requisition is raised
Item Code Select Item Code from drop down menu
Company Select the Company from Company drop down
Quantity Enter The Quanity in Quantity box
ADD button To finalize the requisition click on the ADD button
Remove Button We can also use REMOVE button to remove the added item. Last item will be automatically removed from the list just after clicking on the REMOVE button
Cancel Click On Cancel or Press ESC,Ctrl+F4

Finally Click on Send Button or Press Shift + F1.

Then the alert will come to send this requisition Yes or No .If we click on Yes, requisition is sent to Purchase for further processing, if No requisition is not sent to purchase.